Reminders of Christianity

The world is constantly reshaping what we believe in a variety of ways. As our decisions and believes continue to evolve, one of the prime targets continues to be our religion and or the book on which we base our entire life off of: the Bible.

Reminders of Christianity

As a result of these changes, there are several misunderstandings that are commonly encountered by believers of God’s word, as a result, we decided to try and re-educate the general public about what Christianity is and isn’t about. Please keep reading to learn more.

Without resurrection, Christianity wouldn’t exist today

This is most certainly true. The foundation of the Christian religion is the belief in resurrection of Jesus Christ. The reason this belief is so important is because Christ’s resurrection has given proof that he wasn’t only a man, he was our Father; God. This also proved that he was infect our savior of mankind.

Jesus is also God

Islam religion teaches that Jesus is just a prophet, it teaches many other things as well, but that’s beyond the point we’re trying to make. The point is the bible and Jesus was very clear in their messages. Unfortunately, the beliefs are commonly misread or interpreted.

Christians Think they’re perfect

This is also a common belief. We, as Christians, do not believe we’re perfect or capable of perfection. We recognize that we’re all sinners, but we also recognize the only path to being accepted into Heaven, is to recognize and do our very best to avoid some of mankind’s common sins.

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The Old Testament features 10 commandments. While observing these commandments, it’s clear that the one commandment of loving ourselves, god and our neighbors has withstood the hardships of change and evolution. In essence, God told us to love everyone. Regardless of their sin.

Avoiding sin isn’t the save all to being accepted into heaven

Inez one of the previous gospels, someone told Jesus he was good. He responded by saying that only God is good. In all honesty, no one is capable of only doing well. This is where being familiar with and recognizing our faults as well as our sins is important.

In order to be accepted, we need to recognize that Christ is our savior and we need to focus on putting our faith in him. Only then can we be saved and enjoy our eternal reward in heaven.

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